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Developer of fiscal solutions for electronic recording systems

EFSTA is the leading fiscal software developer for companies of all sizes. The EFSTA fiscal solution, consisting of the fiscal middleware "Electronic Fiscal Registers" (EFR) and the EFSTA Cloud, can be used across borders to comply with national and international fiscal regulations.

Since 2013, efsta IT Services GmbH has been engaged in the development of software systems in the field of fiscalization of electronic recording systems.
The first EFSTA fiscal system was designed as a solution to meet the Austrian "Cash Directive 2012 - Kassenrichtlinie 2012".
The essential security elements:

  • highly secure end-to-end encryption of transmitted data
  • transmission of data to the EFSTA cloud - immediately after document/receipt creation
  • every document is signed with a worldwide unique fiscal-number
    are still substantially part of today's EFSTA solution. Only the unique fiscal number had to give way to the country-specific document signatures.

Start of internationalisation 2015

In 2015, EFSTA began to convert the system to comply with Austria's Cash Register Security Ordinance (RKSV), which was than discussed for the first time.
The decision to develop an international fiscal solution a so-called "fiscal middleware" was also born in 2015.

EFR - the core remains the same for all countries

The core component of the EFSTA system is the so-called "Electronic Fiscal Register - EFR".
The most important design requirements for the new EFSTA system - apart from data security - were and are

  • to design the interface towards the POS system (electronic recording system) so that it will stay the same in each country. Only the necessary data-content varies from country to country. Country-specific fiscal modules are docked to EFR.
  • As well as the platform openness of the fiscal middleware (EFR) itself.

The first country implementations

Parallel to the implementation of the Cash Register Security Ordinance, the first projects for implementation in other European countries have already been requested. For example, in addition to Austria, the new fiscal laws in

  • Slovenia (Act on Federal Verification of Invoices)
  • and the Czech Republic (Law on Registration of Sales)
    were implemented.

In the meantime (status 2019) EFSTA has implemented solutions for 9 fiscal countries and further countries are in implementation.



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