- digital receipt by EFSTA

Bill - the digital receipt by EFSTA. Providing digitale receipts to customers - of course legally compliant.

Your Advantages with EFSTA Bill:

• Legally compliant digital receipt in 8 countries
• End-to-end encryption
• Available for anonymous buyers and identified customers
• When integrated in 3rd party systems: structured data of full receipt available
• Full data protection for all participants
• No project cost
• Minimal implementation effort
• No additional software on the POS (provided existing EFSTA fiscalisation)
• All plattforms

Bill provides absolute Convenience at Point of Sale!

We provide a simple process: normal checkout, full convenience.
If the consumer participates in a loyality program and has agreed, digital receipt
delivery proceeds automatically in the background. If it‘s an anonymous customer,
they are asked whether the want a digital receipt. If yes, a QR Code is
shown on the POS display or printed („short receipt“ = QR Code only). The customer
takes a photo with their mobile, and immediately get displayed the full



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