International Fiskal services

EFSTA specializes in the development of solutions for the fiscalization of electronic recording systems in an international context

The EFSTA solution unifies different national fiscal regulations via a standardized input interface.

This interface can be easily implemented into various electronic recording systems such as cash register systems, electronic cash registers, vending- and service machines, ERP systems, taximeters, web shops and others.

By integrating the system, companies can easily roll out their POS systems to other countries and thus shorten their time-to-market.

EFSTA Services

  • one software for multiple countries
  • standardized interface XML / JSON transnational
  • audit-proof Cloud Archiv
  • online- and offline availability incl. data export
  • monitoring via EFSTA-Portal
  • remote updates via EFSTA-Portal
  • end-to-end encryption starting at POS
  • Access-Ticket for third-party access (Finance, Tax advisor)
  • adaption in case of law-changes

The EFSTA system consists of two components

  • the Electronic Fiscal Register - EFR as well as
  • the EFSTA Cloud


fiscal software

The Electronic Fiscal Register - EFR for short - works as fiscal middleware or fiscal software depending on the country. The EFR can also be used as a gateway for web, app and cloud-based POS systems to access fiscal hardware components.

The EFR is usually installed locally on the POS system, but can also be used as a central system in network environments or web-based.
Due to the platform-open development, EFR can be installed in almost all operating system environments.

Working as a local REST web service, EFR receives data from electronic recording systems via the standard interface and processes it according to the fiscal requirements of the respective country.

In case of changes in fiscal laws in a country, EFSTA will adapt the EFR and provide an update of the software.

After country-specific processing of fiscal data, EFR encrypts those data and transmits them to the EFSTA Cloud for long-term archiving.




An essential part of the solution is the EFSTA Cloud.


  • Audit-proof archiving of the transmitted fiscal data
  • Management & Monitorin
  •  Asynchronous messages to financial administrations (e.g. FinanzOnline communication in Austria)
  • Data export (for financial audits, internal audits, etc.)
  • Update-mechanism
  • Infrastructure for issuing digital cash receipts



POS data will be strongly encrypted before transmission by EFR and can therefore only be accessed and read by the data owner.

The algorithm AES256 is used for data encryption. However, the data owner can grant third parties - such as the internal audit department, his tax advisor or the tax authorities - read access to the stored data.

Read-access can be restricted to the scope of the data or by time period.

In the interface to the EFSTA system, the complete cash receipt can be transferred in addition to the tax-relevant data. In this case, the data storage in the EFSTA cloud fulfils all regulations for document archiving - in Austria, for example, according to § 132 Para. 2 Federal Tax Code (BAO).

If the receipt data is stored in the EFSTA Cloud, electronic receipts (digital cash receipts) can also be issued to customers or consumers. EFSTA provides the API interface required to retrieve digital receipts free of charge and can be integrated into your personal solution (e.g. integration into customer card apps, household book apps, mobile banking apps, etc.).