Fiscal services - Czech Republic

  • The EFSTA system meets the requirements of the law on the recording of sales in the Czech Republic (EET)
  • management of fiscal relevant information
    • management of communication certificates
    • ID of the operating facilities/business premises
  • Communication authentication with financial administration (Finanční správa)
  • Authentication of data
  • Transmission of transaction data to financial server (sSalesales register)
  • Response handeling
  • offline prozedure
    • offline receipt handeling
    • automatic retrys
  • Response-forwarding to POS-Systems
  • Storage of transaction data (locally and from EFSTA cloud)
  • Open platform Node.js ® (Microsoft, Linux, Apple Mac OS) TM

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Fiscal requirements overview

The law which obligates companies to record sales data was implemented in several phases. Depending on the business, different transitional periods applied.

Phase 1

Phase 1 since 12/01/2016 HORECA-Segment (hotels, restaurants, coffeehouses and gas stations

Transaction data will be sent directly to the financial administration (EET-System). The sent data will be marked by an unique code (FIK - Fiscal Identification Code). The FIK must be printed on the receipts and handed out to the customer.

To participate in the EET system, companies must register on the EET portal of the Czech Tax Administration.



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