Fiscal services - Poland

  • EFSTA Solution - Compliance for Polish Fiscalization
  • Connected to fiscal module for Poland
  • EFR prints fiscal and non-fiscal documents
  • EFR as central control unit for
    • Printer
    • Line display
    • Cash drawer
  • Connection via serial port
  • Storage of transaction data (locally and from EFSTA cloud)
  • Open platform Node.js ® (Microsoft, Linux, Apple Mac OS) TM

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Fiscal requirements overview

Poland started in 1993 with the introduction of an obligation to register sales by taxable enterprises. Cash registers with fiscal printers became compulsory. If the fiscal store is full, it must be exchanged by an approved institution.

The Polish Value Added Tax Act of 11 March 2004 (Journal of Laws 2016 item 710) stipulates that taxable enterprises that sell goods or services must register them in cash registers before making any transactions.
The obligation to keep electronic records is subject to certain turnover limits.
Depending on when the company opens, the turnover limits must be adjusted pro rata, as of when a cash register obligation applies.
A SAF-T export from an ERP system must be available as a standard export.

Starting in 2019, Poland switched to online fiscalisation. All transactions/documents will be sent directly to the tax authorities via Internet. The changeover will take place in tranches:

  • January 2019 Petrol stations
  • July 2019 Catering trade
  • January 2020 Service companies (cosmetics, medicine, hairdressers,...)



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