EFSTA ready for KassenSichV DE

EFSTA ready for KassenSichV DE

Before the new year, we would like to keep you informed about the latest developments in Germany.

The effective date of the Kassensicherheitsverordnung (KassenSichV) is 1.1.2020 and remains unchanged. Many questions concerning the coming fiscalisation are still open, such as for example:

  • What specific data must be recorded?
  • How can cash registers be registered?
  • Which data must be handed over to the tax officer in the case of an tax audit?
  • When will the necessary hardware components be available?
  • When is certification possible?
  • and many more...

In order to meet the associated risks and challenges, we are optimally preparing the EFSTA system.

In this way, you can best prevent the risk of a delayed rollout and thus non-compliance on the reporting date.

  • The EFSTA fiscal middleware (EFR - Electronic Fiscal Register) is ""KassenSichV ready"" - the implementation of the interface can already start now.
  • EFSTA implements subsequent changes to legislation or technical requirements - without adapting the POS software
  • EFSTA provides adaptations in the form of updates
  • EFSTA ensures the parallel connection of security modules available on the market.
  • TSE certification at the earliest possible date

As a POS system manufacturer, implementation can already begin now, and the middleware can be rolled out at an early stage. The EFSTA fiscal middleware (EFR) takes over the communication with the EFSTA ""Technical Safety Device"" (TSE).

Your investment is also secure in the event of changes to the KassenSichV or to the technical requirements on the part of the BSI. EFSTA provides a solution that complies with the regulations valid on 01.01.2020. Any required hardware can be deployed at the time of availability (on the market).

EFSTA will show for a technical security device in combination with a POS solution at EuroCIS in February 2019. We invite you to attend and look forward to your visit.

For detailed information on the subject of KassenSichV, we will be happy to see you at the EuroCIS (19th to 21th February 2019).



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